Cyt-ATTAC platform

Cyteph’s dual-targeting, allogeneic CAR T platform, Cyt-ATTAC (Cytomegalovirus - Allogeneic Tumour TArgeting CAR T), is designed to specifically target and eliminate cancer cells.

CYT-AT1 is the first asset in development using the Cyt-ATTAC platform – learn more here.


The allogeneic CMV T cells are the foundation of the CAR T delivery platform allowing the generation of multiple dual-targeting CAR T products. These cells have several advantages over traditional CAR T cells.

Key advantages and attributes

Off-the shelf product

One healthy donor can produce hundreds of doses of product which can be stored so patients are treated without delay.

Dual targeting

CMV T cells can be armed with any cancer-specific CAR or TCR allowing targeting of cancer cells through TCR and CAR engagement.

Traffic to brain

In the autologous clinical trials in GBM patients the cells trafficked to the brain and were found in GBM tumours.

Enhanced persistence

Allogeneic CMV-specific T cells can persist in the body providing sustained anti-tumour effects.

HLA matching

Cyteph’s proprietary software matches patients to specific products.

Potent effector cells

CMV-specific T cells are particularly effective at targeting and destroying virus-infected and malignant cells because they are primed in the body as killer T cells which rapidly migrate and penetrate deep into diseased tissues.


 Two phase 1 trials in GBM were completed with autologous CMV-specific T cells without presence of GVHD.



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