Cyteph’s innovative pipeline of allogeneic T cell therapy products and CAR T platform aims to transform the treatment landscape for solid tumours.


CYT-101 is a novel off-the-shelf, HLA-matched CMV-specific T cell therapy for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).

A phase 1 clinical trial is planned to commence with recurrent GBM patients in Q4 2023 in Brisbane, Australia.

The product has been de-risked through two previous phase 1 clinical trials by QIMR Berghofer using autologous CMV-specific T cells in primary and recurrent GBM patients, where the autologous therapy was found to be safe with preliminary efficacy signals. See publications.

GBM is an aggressive brain tumour and one of the deadliest solid tumours in adults, with limited treatment options available. The unique advantage of targeting CMV antigens on GBM cells is that they are detected on tumour cells while not found in surrounding healthy tissue. This characteristic allows for a highly targeted approach. By harnessing the power of allogeneic CMV-specific T cell therapy, CYT-101 has the potential to offer improved outcomes for GBM patients.

Cyt-ATTAC platform

The allogeneic dual-targeting CAR T platform ‘Cyt-ATTAC’ (Cytomegalovirus – Allogeneic Tumour TArgeting CAR T) uses the CMV-specific T cells as a delivery vehicle for CARs, allowing the generation of multiple HLA-matched, dual-targeting CAR T products. Learn more here.


The first of the CAR T products using the Cyt-ATTAC platform is CYT-AT1, a dual-targeting CMV EphA3 CAR T cell therapy for the treatment of EphA3 expressing solid tumours. EphA3 is a novel antigen that is expressed on several types of solid tumours, including GBM, sarcoma, medulloblastoma, and breast, lung, prostate, bladder, colorectal, and gastric cancers.

Pre-clinical studies have shown targeting of EphA3 inhibits tumour growth by disruption of the architecture and function of the vascularised tumour microenvironment.

CYT-AT1 is currently in late-stage preclinical development where it has shown preclinical proof-of-concept in solid tumour models.



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