MEDIA | The Australian | “CUREator funds 19 new therapeutics research projects”

The Australian’s Tim Dodd has published an article summarising the Medical Research Future Fund CUREator funding announcement.

Cyteph received a $1.5m grant last night, a significant boost for the Company’s efforts to positively contribute to the cancer therapeutics space.

An excerpt:

The key to the therapy is that Cyteph’s technology pre-trains the donated cells to kill glioblastoma multiforme. “They don’t have to retrain inside the body, they are pre-trained,” Professor Khanna says, and this speeds up the treatment.

It is also efficient, with a single blood donation from a healthy person providing enough T cells to treat 50 or more patients.

“This is a starting point. Our long term goal is to take it beyond brain cancer and treat other cancers,” Professor Khanna says.

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